Fair price promise

The price of bespoke furniture is usually very high, this is being accepted as normal because we all understand that to design and make furniture specifically for you should cost enormous amount of money. In particular if it should be of highest quality and make you happy even after many years.
But have you ever thought about how much it could actually cost to produce quality furniture to your bespoke needs?

Well, to answer this question we would need to go through the whole process of setting up whole mechanism for producing high quality bespoke furniture.

We would first of all need to set up a carpentry company which would have an office and employ people involved in design, production, marketing and sales, fittings, customer service and support. The company should preferably be headed by a professional carpenter who spent a number of years designing and producing bespoke furniture and loves doing it. He would be leadind the company in all aspects including the most important one – the quality of production, customer service and relationships.

Company should also employ a marketing specialist who would work to advertise and promote the company.

Once clients and orders will start to appear we would also need a designer who will convert client’s ideas into a drawings using a professional software.

Once drawings are ready, we have to send them to ‘cut to size’ workshop which will supply all required materials, cut and laminate them as it would say on the drawings.

Ready materials are taken from ‘cut to size’ workshop to ‘spray paint’ workshop where outside pieces are sprayed if the client want to have traditional laquer or gloss finish.

All required cut to size and sprayed materials are delivered to site (usually client’s home or office) and converted into furniture that fitts any current interior the way it was initially planned.See More

At the last mentioned stage – the fitting we would require a couple of professional carpenters to join the process.

So lets summurise what we need for a mechanism that would build furniture for our homes:

Carpentry company
At least one operations manager (The head)
At least one marketing specialist
At least one designer
Six carpenters

Lets see what are the real costs of setting and running such company:

The cost of everything that required for the company: van, tools, website and other costs would sum up to at least £30,000 and would serve for at least 3 years

office/showroom rent for a year £5000

the company’s head wage £40,000 per year

marketing manager wage £25,000 per year

designer wage £25,000 per year

professional carpenter each £30,000 x 6 = £180,000

operational expenses £10,000

total: £285,000 expenses + £10,000 capital (per year) = £295,000

The company of this structure is capeable to produce and fit:

6 large bedroom wardrobes per week = 300 wardrobes per year
12 bookcases per week = 600 bookcases per year
18 TV units with shelves per week = 900 TV units per year

Applying simple math we can calculate the price of work to produce and fit each mentioned piece of furniture:

3 door large wardrobe = £295,000/300 = £980

Traditional Bookcase = £295,000/600 = £490

TV unit with shelves = £295,000/900 = £330

Prices above represent work only, however cost of materials to be added on top:

3 door large wardrobe would require:

5 sheets of MDF supplied by ‘cut to size’ @ £40 per sheet = £200
cutting MDF to pieces: £100
hinches, handles, rails, shoe racks and other pieces: £300
hand painting: £200, spray painting £350+

Total for materials: £800

Subtotal: £980 + £800 = £1780
+ VAT @ 20% = £356

= £2136

or £2316 if spray

As you can see this is the real price for 3 door bespoke wardrobe in your bedroom.

The only part of it that is not fully optimised is materials bit where we are using external companies to supply and prepare materials required for your project. This is totally normal and ordinary way to get it done, there are plenty ‘cut to size’ workshops out there which serve majority of furniture makers and fitters.This bit, however makes the price go up and if optimised can reduce the price of the products.

The real price o large MDF sheet is £20 if buy the whole pallet = £100
Cutting will take 3 hours = £60

If you spray in own workshop it would take 10 hours work to spary wardrobe doors and sides @ £20 per/hour = £200 + paint £50 = £250

So by setting up own workshop we can save up to £260 in price of making a bespoke highest quality wardrobe for your bedroom.

You could probably guess by now that this is the way we at Pureline Carpentry think, build and price furniture, and that our business aim is to built a mechanism that would produce highest quality furniture for our homes at the optimised and transparent brand fees free price…